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This is the privacy notice of Savita Briggs Counselling.
My registered address is at
37 Museum Street

My Company Registration Number is ZA513016 In Accordance with the ICO.

Please take a minute to read through this statement of legal and ethical requirements of practice regarding data protection and transparency of information storage and usage. I will ask you to sign a copy of this, along with the {client contract] during our initial session. Thank you.

Counselling Professional Body
I am bound by the Codes of Ethics and Practice of the British Association of Counselling &Psychotherapy.

Client personal information GDPR: Privacy Policy
Your personal information is stored securely and confidentially, either electronically, using codes with password protection or in paper format which is stored in a locked cabinet, coded for protection. The data collected is used to enable effective communication during the therapeutic process, it is used in a safe and ethical manner in accordance with the BACP Ethical Framework and the EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) 2018.

It may become necessary to share your data with a third party if I feel you, or someone else close to you, is at risk of significant harm. Unless the risk is imminent, this will be discussed with you before appropriate disclosure. I do have a legal obligation to break confidentiality in compliance with a court order, concerns over child protection and information or knowledge regarding fraud, drug trafficking, money laundering or acts of terrorism.

Personal information I hold
You have the right to know what personal information I hold, why I hold it, how it is stored, who has access to it, and for how long I hold it. I will keep the following personal information so that I can work safely and professionally with you, in line with the guidelines of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).
1. Your name and address – I keep this information in paper form in a locked filing cabinet, only I will see this information. I will keep this personal information for seven years. After that time it is destroyed. This is required by my professional liability insurer and by my professional organisation (BACP).

2. Your phone number and email address – My phone is password protected . Your email address is held in my Gmail account. Neither my computer nor my mobile are shared with anyone else. This information is needed in case I have to contact you (for example for rescheduling sessions or sending an invoice). I also keep your email address in case we agree to work therapeutically via email, either as a regular arrangement or just occasionally. I will remove this personal information when we have finished our work.

4. Medical information – I keep this personal information either in password protected electronic form or paper form in a locked filing cabinet along with your name and contact details. It may be relevant to keep or share certain medical information if you have any health conditions such as seizures, diabetes, etc which may impact a session, or you have any allergies that I should be aware of. Only I will see this information and I will delete this personal information when we finish working together.

5. Session notes – notes may include dates and times of attendance and brief notes from the session. I do not keep detailed session notes. I keep brief session notes in paper form in a locked filing cabinet. Your name or other identifying details are not kept with your session notes; only a code is used. The notes will be destroyed when our work finishes.

6. Payment information and invoices – I make a note of payments on a password-protected financial spreadsheet for my business. I am required by law to retain certain financial information for tax purposes. Payment by BACS or cash will be processed by my bank. When payment is made via BACS, your account name or reference may show up on my online or paper bank statements.

7. My emails/texts to you, and yours to me– I may delete emails / texts after I have noted the contents (for example, emails around scheduling). Electronic correspondence will also be held by the corresponding app (Gmail, Phone’s SMS, WhatsApp). I may keep emails/texts if I consider them necessary to our work. I will delete emails/texts when our work ends, and only I will see the information.

8. Website –my website does not contain any personal information about my clients. If you click on the email link to contact me, the website will momentarily collect and send it to my Gmail account for the purposes of our initial contact.

Sharing information
I use a personal mobile phone. Please consider this in the information you leave in the message. All messages will be played and deleted daily,
Your Rights under GDPR
· To be informed what personal information I hold (i.e. this document).
· To see the personal information I hold about you (free of charge for the initial request).
· To rectify any inaccurate or incomplete personal information.
· To withdraw consent to me using your personal information.
· To request your personal information be erased. Though I can decline if the information is needed for me to practice lawfully and competently
· To receive the personal information which you previously provided, and the right to transfer that information to another party.
Data Controller
For the purposes of the General Personal information Protection Regulations (GDPR) 2018, the personal information “controller” is Savita Briggs – Savita Briggs - Counselling. If you have any other questions regarding how your therapy client personal information GDPR is processed and handled, please do not hesitate to discuss with me.
A printed copy of this statement will be given to you when we first meet for counselling. If we agree to continue working together, please sign the printed copy of this statement to indicate your agreement.

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